Private Speech Therapy By Appointment

Together in Communication is a small private speech therapy practice serving families in Durham region. Our mission is to provide family-centered therapy to clients and their families in the most comfortable environment; at home! We also provide therapy to children within the community at their childcare setting, private school or ABA centre.

We believe that parents and caregivers are partners in therapy. Working in the community and in the home allows for us to work closely with the child’s communication partners so that goals can be targeted throughout the child’s day. The learning never stops! Community partners may also include other clinicians that the family is working with including occupational therapists, instructional therapists through an ABA program, physiotherapists, early childhood educators and teachers.

We provide services to all age groups with a strong focus in the preschool and early school-aged population. Making therapy comfortable and fun goes hand in hand with using the latest evidence-based therapy approaches to reach communication goals.


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